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Wednesday, September 28, 2016
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    Welcome to the identity management of the University of Cologne (uniKIM)

    Here you can:
    •        See your stored data
    •        Change your password
    •        Set or delete your e-mail aliases
    •        Change your Shell (for Linux systems)
    You can find further information about the identity management on the
    Website of the Regional Computing Center of the University of Cologne (RRZK)


    With your registration at uniKIM you acknowledge the rules governingcommunication and data processing infrastructure provided by the RRZK.   

    The usage regulations govern the secure use of services provided by the RRZK. The rules are oriented towards the university’s duties set by law. It provides basic rules for the proper functioning of the IT services as well as for the use of the infrastructure provided by the RRZK.

    Particularly with regard to the following security rules:
    • You are obligated to change your password at regular intervals.
    • uniKIM stores  solely for administrative and maintenance purposes  personal data about  your identity (e.g. Name, matriculation number, employee number), your status (e.g. student, research assistant/fellow, employee, external), the institution you are belonging to (e.g. course of study, faculty, chair, administration) and conveys this data to certain IT systems. (e.g. KLIPS, ILIAS) You can see your complete stored data anytime in the login section.
    • For protection against unwanted junk mails (SPAM) and malware (viruses etc.), e-mails will be checked by systems of the RRZK and might be either rejected, blocked, marked, or even deleted.

      Please note: Independently of the type of browser you are using, JavaScript needs to be activated and Cookies accepted.